Business is not different than life. It is life.

Orlando BlakeWhat you need to create a healthy business is the same as what you need to create a healthy life.  Fads don’t work.  Therefore as a leader, executive or manager you will be successful when you work with people rather than against them.  Instead of trying to force methods on the workplace, leaders need to use these methods as tools to take advantage of human nature.  Instead of trying to take humanity out of the workplace, we need to respect human nature and strive to put more humanity into our leading and managing.  We can learn from theories and methods to broaden our insight.  We also need to recognize that we can discern the good ideas from the bad.

I realized something a long time ago – it is much easier to work with human nature than against it.  Management is not a pure science.  Leaders Path Coaching is about helping you think about your business, organization, leadership style, and career in a different context.  Leaders Path helps you think outside of the management methods fads and into creating a healthy business lifestyle paradigm.

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